Splinterlands Land Progress #4



Alright, another week has passed, time for a review to see how well I am doing, and if this dream is even feasible. As mentioned last week during the progress report, I mentioned that there were occasional errors when using @leodex. I found out that you can do 2 things to minimise this situation from happening

  1. Head to @Leodex and check that they have enough currency to change
  2. Change when you have 1 or more Hive, do not change when there is less than 1 Hive

Abiding this 2 roles, things have been pretty smooth thus far.

Now back to topic. In case you are new to what I am doing, I am a nutcase that got so attracted to owning a Land in Splinterlands, that I am intending to give it my all to get 1 Land. Yups! Land prices are mad now, but I believe I am even more mad than the price in order to have this goal!

As I make this post into a progress, the least I can do is have some structure to it right? So here is my attempt to have a bit more structure!

Current Price: 335.999 Hive
Current Hive: 272.318 Hive
Progress (%): 81.05%

Each time I write this, I cannot help but bite my lips knowing that it was once sold at USD$10, sigh...

Now if you have been following my posts, you would realise that there is an insane bump in terms of my Hive. So, what happened? I changed out all my HBD and swapped them, that is what that happened. This is pretty much all my earnings now...

So whats up with me and Lands? In case this topic has been buried, time to excavate it once again. There are many interesting facts about Land, and perhaps every week I shall share one interesting fact as I showcase my progress.

It Is Going To Change Gameplay

Yes, you heard me right. There were many different new additions to Splinterlands, from the likes of Chaos Legion, to Brawl with Gladiators, to SPS. Never once have the game changed. It is still submitting your lineup and just wait. But upon the introduction of Land, THIS WILL CHANGE!

Oh and FYI in case anyone has missed, in the near future SPS might be taking over DEC, and Combat Power will be used for Lands. You got that right, Lands!!!

In case if you have missed it, here is the link!


Now since there is a talk about Lands just recently, perhaps we can do a bit of summary of what was mentioned pertaining to lands!



Now I believe a couple of weeks back I was sharing more about spells, and some feedback to me that they do know what spell are but are still unsure of how it affects gameplay. So this post is dedicated to you folks!

The Item and Spell cards intended use is to help the player's overall battle lineup. So in short a player setups their lineup like any other normal battle, but after lineup is setup they get to see their opponent's lineup and add either Item or Spell cards to support or reinforce their formations.

There will be many variables in determining what kind of cards players can mint. Some of these variables includes the quality of building they have setup on their plot. Players need to maintain their plot and build up the plot with buildings in order to increase their chances of minting cards.

This is but a mere fraction of land brings. If you are interested to know more, feel free to join me in this journey to accumulate 1 plot of land.

And with that, this is my journey thus far

Progress: 81.05%

@splinterlands is such a fantastic and awesome game and once you join then you experience the real gaming fun. Join it through my affiliate link, I am sharing it below-


Thank you so much
(Photos and gif I used in this post are taken from splinterlands.com for this post purpose only)


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