Weekly Challenge - Nerissa Tridawn



Alright, once again I do not have the card for the weekly challenge. But hey, I managed to find an opponent with this card, so lets go!

Card Introduction

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 11.36.28 AM.png

Card Name: Nerissa Tridawn
Mana Cost: 9
Rarity: Epic
Splinter: Water
Abilities: -
Level: -
Speed: 2
Type: Magic
Damage Per Turn: 3
Edition: Chaos Legion

Direct Battle Link


Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 11.38.44 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 11.39.10 AM.png

Match Condition


My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement

Alright, standard conditions so no holding back, send your best. I have my Djinn Oshannus as my tank, a Meerdali Guardian to heal the tank and Halfling Alchemist to reduce the damage dealt to my tank.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, it sure did. This is a low mana match up, so I would have to be very very cautious with my choice of monsters. The Void Armour held out pretty well and nullified the main damage dealer of my opponent, the Nerissa Tridawn. My healer also made sure that everything is in safe hands. In short, the moment I see the lineup, I knew that this is a win. That is how great the strategy went.

MVP - Djinn Oshannus


Magic damage, high speed, high health, and with an ability to reduce magic attack. Against magic opponent, it has damage reduction. Again melee or ranged monsters, it has high speed that maximises the dodging ability. What more can you ask for?

Do you like the Nerissa Tridawn? Why or why not?

Yes! But small problem, I do not have it...

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Thank you so much
(Photos and gif I used in this post are taken from splinterlands.com for this post purpose only)