Share My Focu.s Point Reward - 9 BOX // Fire Element // The Game of Splinterlands

Hello Friends,

Welcome Everyone To My Daily Focus Point Reward - Fire Element.

I'm glad to be able to claim Focus Point Rewards every day. Because before, it would have been very difficult for us to complete 5 quests and get 2/3/4 rewards. There are currently many rewards available for collecting points with focus points. There are more rewards now than ever before.

Collect focus points with fire elements and get 9 reward boxes. I opened the reward box and got 6 cards. I hoped to get a better card than the one I got. I am thankful for what I have received. I got 6 cards of Fire, Life, Earth, Water Element.

daily quest.jpg

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I claimed this reward two days ago. I could not post ready due to busy schedule. As a result, I had to post late. I am currently at Silver-2 level. My rating was 1,500+. My total power is 50,000+. If there was more power, I could have reached the gold level. Hopefully I can reach the gold level.



I opened 9 reward boxes and got 20 dec, 6 cards and 1 legendary potion. The main purpose of this picture is that you can easily understand. How much reward have I received?



Untitled design.gif

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Thanks to everyone for reading and visiting my post. Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


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