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Hello friends,

Hope everybody is doing well. Pray for good health and well being. Pray for me to be healthy and well. I am posting 4 with my gaming card. I am doing 2 posts with Gold Card and 2 posts with Legendary Card. I try to share my cards with you, because new users are interested in playing splinterlands games. Those who are new users, you will play the game patiently. Hopefully, you can get a good amount of profit from here.

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If you want to see my previous posts, you can view the posts by clicking on the link given below. I have some goal cards, some legendary cards. Next I will post part 1, 2, 3 ...... with my rare cards. I hope you will read my posts and see the cards. I made these posts to increase your interest.

Share My Legendary Card - PART - 1

Gold Card Part - 1

Gold Card Part - 2



Herklaw legendary Card

this card includes “Legendary Death Unit”
The name of the card - “Zalran Efreet”
The current market value of the card - “$1.97”
With one card my power increased to 500

This legendary card in Death Element is one of my favorite cards. I have currently 'powered up' this card. I bought three cards to strengthen the legendary card. The current price of this card is very low. You can buy and use this card if you want. Hopefully, this card of Death Element will give you a lot of support.

  1. Mana - 8
  2. Melee Attack - 2
  3. Speed - 2
  4. Armor - 3
  5. Health - 9



Black Dragon legendary Card

this card includes “Legendary Dragon Unit”
The name of the card - “Black Dragon”
The current market value of the card - “$29.09”
With one card my power increased to 1,500

I rarely use this Dragon Element music attack card. Because my battle is not played with the dragon element. Since I do not play battle with the Dragon Element, I do not use the card. But many times I have to use this card. When I play Magic Attack Battle with another element. The value of this legendary card is much higher. I will not power up this card in the future. If you want, you can check and buy the card.

  1. Mana - 6
  2. Magic Attack - 2
  3. Speed - 2
  4. Health - 3



Robo-Dragon Knight legendary Card

this card includes “Legendary Dragon Unit”
The name of the card - “Robo-Dragon Knight”
The current market value of the card - “$23.23”
With one card my power increased to 1,000

This is Dragon Element's most powerful and powerful card. I have no more powerful card than this. You notice the card, when you see the card you will think how strong it can be. I used very little, I used this card when the amount of 'Mana' was more. I can't tell you how powerful the card is. Long ago, I received this card as a reward.

  1. Mana - 11
  2. Magic Attack - 3
  3. Speed - 3
  4. Armor - 8
  5. Health - 9


The total value of these three cards is $52.88
The total power of these three cards is 4,000


Loving the splinterlands game, I am sharing it on various social media and uploading it to my youtube channel. You will subscribe to my youtube channel and click on the bell button next to it. If you are a Splinterlands Gaming Lover.

__I will tell all gaming friends, please subscribe to my youtube channel




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Thanks to everyone for reading and visiting my post.


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