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Hello Friends,
How did you spend each day of the week? I think it's better than me. I pray for everyone to stay healthy and well. Pray for me too.

Welcome Everyone To My Share Weekly Battle Challenge CURSED WINDEKU & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

One NFT card is selected every week. Challenging posts have to be created by playing battle matches with those cards. If one does not have an NFT card then one has to purchase the card from the market for challenging posting. Can't make challenging posts or videos without purchasing a card. All of us who love to play splinterlands games, participate in challenging posts.

A few days ago, I purchased 12 Chaos Legion Packs to level up my NFT cards. I am trying to level up every card. I can't level up all cards at once. So the cards are leveling up slowly. Chaos Legion Pack purchase post

Everyone is invited to watch my gaming video and subscribe to the channel. I want to move forward with your cooperation. For a friend, raise your hand, you will see the world will look much more beautiful.

Every challenging post has some rules. According to this rule, you have to create challenging posts or videos. But I am not able to create video or battle match according to full rules. Because playing a battle match with all the melee cards I have can't win the match. So I made videos by matching other cards with ranged cards.

Here I have given some pictures of battle match play. Which shows other cards with challenging cards to create my challenging posts.


My love to all my friends. With your inspiration I can still make gaming videos and it's nice to share videos with you. If you are new to my channel then definitely subscribe the channel. I also share my posts on various social media and blockchain media. thank you.


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Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


Thanks everyone for reading and visiting my post. .

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