Share Weekly Battle Challenge - DRAGON !! The Game of Splinterlands

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Welcome Everyone To My Share Weekly Battle Challenge - The Element of DRAGON.

SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGON Ready to participate & everybody enjoy now. lovely gaming friends

When you hear the name dragon, dragon, dragon, you create fear in yourself. ha ha ha ha this is not a real dragon. This is the virtual gaming dragon.

When you hear the name of the dragon, such is the panic. similarly, the price of the cards is higher. Those who are new users, if they want, it will be difficult to buy Dragon card. However, it will not be a problem for those who are interested in investing. I think if you can invest and buy a card, you can quickly achieve success from here.

weekly challenge.jpg

I have 11 dragon cards. In her

  • Legendary card - 2
  • Epic Card - 4
  • Rare card - 5
  • Common card - no

You must comment on what cards you have in Dragon Element.

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Untitled design.gif


I have collected this screenshot from the challenging post. I have tried to do something a little different.

Untitled design.gif

  • VIOD DRAGON:- This card is the magic attack card of gragon element. enemy magic cards can reduce the magic attack. protects the card's health from automatic reduce. Level 1 card has a current market value of $3.07 you want to purchase the cards for a total of 4412.862 DEC for $3.07

Previously, I did not have this card, so I can't comment on this card.

mana - 5 - level

1.png Magic Attack - 1

speed.pngspeed - 5

health.pnghealth - 7


You can't just play battle with the dragon element. After selecting the dragon element, a team can be formed with cards from any other element. I have formed a team with fire, death, life, water Element.

Dragon Element's favorite card is Robo-Dragon Knight. This card belongs to the legendary card.


Everyone is invited again to watch the video and also to see what cards I have used.

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