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Welcome Everyone To My Share Weekly Battle Challenge DRAGONS & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

After a long time I am happy to make a video with Dragon Elements. Looks like I made a video with Dragon Element about 2 months ago. You can watch my previous challenging video. I will provide the YouTube link. click this link watch my video GAME TO GAME I'm still going to play games because I love games so much. It is very difficult to win a battle match with dragon element. I play battle matches with dragon element with the aim of winning these tough matches.

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To play a challenging battle match, some rules must be followed. Battle matches have to be made according to these rules. But there are no rules to play a battle match with Dragon Element. Here it is said to play battle match by selecting other element with dragon element. I tried to play the match according to those rules.

djinn chwala:- This is one of the most powerful cards of Dragon Element. If an attack is made with a Melee card, the next, two health of the card that was attacked is automatically damaged. I like this very much. It appears that the enemy's cards are damaged very quickly. I used this card in game. The prize of this dragon card is very low. If you want, you can buy this card and play Dragon Match.

robo-dragon knight:- Dragon Element is an expensive card. The current market price is $14. The card has high mana, high health, high armor, high speed and a bit high melee attack. First attacking any card can take no damage to health and reduce the first condition of the magic attack. This card is very powerful. The prize of this dragon card is high. If you want, you can buy this card and play Dragon Match.

black dragon:- It is one of the magic attack cards of the Dragon element. Because it has the ability to damage two healths at once and can increase own health as well. Each attack increases one own health. As a result, the strength of the team increases. Its price is very high. If you can afford then you can buy this card. The current market price of this card is 16 dollars. Which is a very expensive dragon card in the current market.

Let me show you some still images of Battle Match Play. My Dragon Element team, to see which enemy team I have played matches with.

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