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My greetings to all my Muslim brothers and my best wishes and love to my brothers of other faiths. I wish everyone is healthy and well. Being healthy and well means being well every day. If we want to be well, we need to keep our body and mind healthy. Please pray for me to stay healthy and well.

Welcome Everyone To My Share Weekly Battle Challenge.GEM METEOR & everybody enjoy now.

Everyone would love it if new video games could be created with something new every week. And using that thought, we have a new challenging card every week. We also accept that challenge. I like to play games with new things. If I play a game with a new card, I can learn, learn, and collect a card. So with a new card, I made a new game. Everyone is requested to watch the video.

The card that asks you to create a challenging video or post is the Ranged Attack card. I have a new experience using this card. You can play battle with all ranged attack cards if you want. Playing Battle means you must accept defeat. Sharing this with you from my experience.

Everyone is invited to watch my gaming video and subscribe to the channel. I have 100+ splinterlands gaming videos on my youtube channel. I make splinterlands gaming videos just for the love of it.

All users are given certain amount of rules to play battle matches. Everyone is told to play the game by the rules. I think, not everyone can play the game correctly, completely following the correct rules. Because I tried playing the game myself. Still, I tried to play the game according to the rules as much as possible.

robo-dragon knight:- I was able to gain experience by playing battles with this Munster card. This card can only make 1 attack. It is also able to attack any ranged or magic attack cards. It would be great if this card had more power. The price of this card is relatively high. If you want you can buy this card and play battle match with this card. The current market price is $.48

Now I will show you pictures of how I arranged the team with my cards. You may say, I just described the above in my own way. But you won't understand if you don't show how the team is organized

The Munster card that was asked to create the challenging post was not collected in my gaming gallery. As a result I had to buy this card. I will try to show how I purchased the cards one by one with pictures below.

First, as you can see in the picture, there are no cards in my gaming gallery.
Second, you can see the picture of me purchasing this card
Third, the card you see in the picture has been added to my gaming gallery

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