Share Weekly Battle Challenge - MOLTEN ASH GOLEM!! The Game of Splinterlands

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how are you all? how was your day today Hope you had a good day today. I pray for you to stay healthy and well. Please pray for me to stay healthy and well. Good luck to you.

Welcome Everyone To My Battle Weekly Challenge! MOLTEN ASH GOLEM & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

Like every week, I came to you today with a challenging post. For those who love games, I hope you like me to create challenging posts. The card that was asked to create a challenging post was new to me. I love playing games with new cards. Because by playing the game with new cards, new experiences can be gained. Gaining experience means learning about something new.

Those who have played battle games with this card, must comment your opinion about this card. Your comments will depend on the card.

My forehead is bad! Because since long time I make videos about my favorite Splinterlands game on my gaming channel. So far uploaded 100+ gaming videos on my gaming channel. But I didn't get your love. Please subscribe the channel and watch the videos.

The challenging card that was given was not in my gallery. If the card is not in the gallery then the game cannot be played. So the MOLTEN ASH GOLEM card has to be purchased.

I bought the card first

I decided to purchase the card. As a result this picture is shown.

Preparing to purchase the card

You can see how many dec I paid to buy this card and which cards I am buying

Cards added to my gallery

Finally the card has been added to my game gallery. I just purchased a card. Hope to purchase more in the future.

According to the rules, cards of any element can be used with the dragon element. As a result, it is very easy to play battle with dragon element. This rule is very good for me or everyone. I just tried to play the game with dragon cards.

The card that calls for a challenging post or video is the Ranged Attack card. This card has a mana value of 6 and a high amount of health. This card has only 1 attack power. If you level up the attack power will increase.

MOLTEN ASH GOLEM:- This card can attack from the first position, even though it is a ranged attack card. I enjoy playing games with this card and its performance is very good. I will tell everyone to buy this card and keep it in your gallery. The price is generally lower.

Now I will show you some pictures of how I arranged the team with my cards. You may say, I just described the above in my own way. But you won't understand if you don't show how the team is organized

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Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


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