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Dear Friends

Welcome Everyone To My Share 8 Reward Box Claim Post

The season ended a few days ago but it is too late to post about the claim reward for my personal work. I apologize to everyone for not posting at the right time.

My level was Silver-2 when I got 8 reward boxes. Earlier I saw that 15 reward boxes were available if i had silver-2 level. But got 8 reward boxes in this season. I am not satisfied after opening 8 reward boxes because I did not get any card after opening the reward box. Got 22 dec out of 8 boxes. Got 12 merit. Got all the other legendary potion. I expected to get pack or good amount card but it didn't happen.

season reward.jpg

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Even though I got less amount of rewards, I will still play the game every day. So that I can get more reward amount in future. Hope keeps people alive.



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(Photos and gif I used in this post are taken from splinterlands.com for this post purpose only)

Thanks to everyone for reading and visiting my post. Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


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