Please bench the following plagiarist and comment farming ring


Another day, another group of accounts abusing the reward pool.


These accounts are plagiarising content from a single source(, upvoting each others stolen work and then farming comments on the same blogs. This is systematic and calculated abuse that breaks multiple points in the community guidelines .


The pattern of abuse on all the below accounts is identical which leads me to believe that they are likely owned by the same individual. They post 3 or 4 sentences of content with at least a portion of that post directly copied from without any attribution to the original source.

The below lists all the accounts involved in the plagiarism with a single example from each but every one of these accounts has many blogs that have been formed in exactly the same way i.e. by stealing someone else's work

Comment Farming

The above mentioned accounts are then receiving comments from each other and a whole host of alt accounts who comment and receive support exclusively from the main accounts

Again I could provide dozens of examples and if you check the comments page of any of the above accounts it will become clear what is happening. Here is a case from the following blog

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 09.19.46.png

Please bench these accounts to prevent them taking any more ill gotten rewards from the SportsTalk


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