Atletico Madrid Are Liverpool's Kryptonite


For all Liverpool's swashbuckling all-action style of play, they are only able to carve open teams that want to play. Against teams that go on the defensive, they are rarely able to find that moment of inventiveness.

Atletico Madrid are such a team and probably the best at it. Also, they play dirty given the history of their manager Diego Simeone and also players like Luis Suarez.

I expect a dirty game and also a boring game between the two sides. Of course, if Liverpool score a goal from a set-piece, that would open the game up a lot.

Last season, Liverpool lost to Atletico both home and away. It wasn't a classic and last season was one that Liverpool would rather forget. Hopefully, this season will be better for them.

My prediction for the game is 1:0 to Atletico. Suarez being the main danger man. Side prediction is for a lot of yellow cards.