Get Up From The Ground As Fast As You Can

Once you fall down on the ground, that's a different set of environments. Even if you are good at ground fights, you do not want to stay there. Your opponent might let you get up in a fight but if you fight to defend yourself, the attacker exploits every vulnerability.

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Any chance the attacker gets, he will use to beat you up. When you fight, make sure you are in a standing position. Don't lose your balance. Your footwork can help you to position yourself based on the attacker's move.

You are changing your position consistently by observing the attacker. It makes it hard for the attacker to execute his move. If you are not sure what he is up to, do not let the attacker get close to you. Make the distance while fighting. You can kick to hit and prevent him from getting close to you. You can simply push him. You can also do front kicks to push and make the distance.

The attacker can sweep your leg and make you fall to the ground. While fighting, pay attention to that. You can lift your leg up or make the distance as a defense of sweep. Or, when you see the attacker is going to sweep, you can move forward to strike him first. You have to be very fast to do that.

Somehow if you fall down on the ground, you can use your hands to cover and close your legs. That will make it harder for the attacker to hit you. You can move and use your legs to kick. To learn the basics, I recommend watching this video.

As soon as you get a chance, get up from the ground quickly. Your target should be getting up from the ground as fast as you can. You can deal with one attacker from the ground. How about multiple attackers? It is way harder to fight with multiple attackers on the ground. Even if you want to run and get out of there, you have to get up first.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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