Knee Charge and Defend Against Knee Charge


Knee charge is one of the most powerful strikes and it is very useful in a fight for self-defense. When you are in a close range, you can do knee charge, using your knee to hit the attacker's body. If you are in a close range where you can do elbow strike, you can do knee charge as well.

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You can make your move with a combination of elbow strikes and knee charge. If you are not sure what the attacker is capable of doing, it is better not to get close to the attacker. In close range, you can strike the attacker and the attacker can do the same.

It is difficult to defend when you are in close range. You might move back as a defense if you are not too close to the attacker. There are situations where you cannot move back or to the side. You have no alternative except move forward. So do not give the attacker any chance and make your move quickly when you are in close range.

How can you defend yourself if the attacker does knee charge?
You can use your hands to block and stop the attacker to hit with knee charge. The attacker might grab your neck with both hands while doing knee charge.

If you go to release his hands from your neck, you might get hit by knee charge In that situation, you should block the attacker's knee charge first and then move his hands out of your neck. You can hit the attacker's groin after blocking knee charge.

To defend against knee charge, you can also use your knee as a block. You need to strike fast as a counter-attack, otherwise, the attacker might keep doing knee charges.

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