Run, Hide, Fight and Escape

If you practice any martial art, you get used to fighting one on one. When you fight with one opponent, your whole focus is on him. You can see how he moves, and what he is about to do. Your opponent is in front of you.

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It is easy to deal with a single opponent, but when there are multiple opponents, it becomes way more difficult. There is a high chance a fight in real life will not be one on one. Once the fight starts, at some point, you tap the floor and accept your defeat, the attacker will not let you go.

You do not even know that the attackers make a plan to attack you. When you sense that, you see them in front of you. And if you are not aware of your surroundings, you will not be able to know that until they attack and hit you. Awareness of your surroundings always helps you defend yourself.

You might have no idea why you are being attacked. Fighting with multiple attackers can be very difficult and risky. When the attackers see any sign of weakness, they will attack you more. Sometimes running can be a good option if you have the chance. You can run and hide. You can create obstacles in the attackers' way so that they cannot get close to you. Close and lock the door, put something behind the door, find a place to hide, and later run.

You have to fight when the attacker is close to you. The attacker will not let you go easily. You need to set your strategy based on the situation.

When you are afraid, you might not be able to do what you can do in a normal situation. You might not move for the time being when you get shocked. The sooner you get back to the situation the better. You can train to prepare yourself. Your training can help you make your move instantly without thinking about it. As soon as you see what's going on, you make your move instantly for protecting yourself.

When you practice martial art, your instructor can train you and put pressure. It can give you a taste of when you may feel in a situation like this. You will be more confident when you have the skills. And it will show in every move you make.

Thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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