The key to moving on from adversity.



Talking about relationships is sometimes very difficult to explain in words, moving on is one of the most difficult things to do in our lives.
Even though I have tried several times to move on, it still fails. Maybe some of you have experienced this in their daily life.

Actually, to move on is very easy, to move on, there is only one key, starting with the letter N. Anyone confused? The letter N is intention. The intention to move on is official or whatever the reason is, even though it may not get the blessing of parents.

Every parent really wants to see their children have a future, even though it is not as easy as aspired. Every parent wants to see their child happy, even though it is not as easy as imagined.

In knitting relationships, many things we go through, ups and downs come and go. Even the relationship with the people we love must end, some are cut off for no reason even though they have been dating for 10 years, they are already engaged and have even sent out invitations.

Every relationship is complicated and I know that, I can never say that I can feel what you feel. This is because I can't feel what I'm feeling, only you who experience know what you really feel.

But today I want to say, if you are really serious about wanting to be able to move on, start immediately and don't continue to be shackled by adversity.

What causes people to not be able to move on...?

Yes, the biggest reason people can't move on is because deep in their hearts there is actually hope, people can't move on because in their hearts there is still a glimmer of hope, maybe they can come back again.

Maybe he can change, maybe later he can improve himself and so on, and that hope is what makes it difficult for people to move on. Still hoping and hoping and hoping, therefore the goal is intention.

If you really know it's not him, if you really let go and let go, then don't expect anything. Don't expect anything, if you don't expect it, by not thinking about it again it will make you move faster and move on.

The way to be able to move on to move means we have to move, we can stay still and think we have to move and do things to make a habit. A new habit that has nothing to do with him, okay if you used to like jogging together, okay now make a new habit maybe playing badminton.

Keep moving on means moving with activities, doing activities meeting other people, doing positive things. The point is to move and start from the intention and usually you can't move on because you still have hope, if there is hope and you really believe it means doing it, sitting together together, committing, discussing seriously.

But don't just hope, hope and pray, don't just pray for what you want but also have to be able to do what you pray for, including relationships, not included in the source of relations, that's why at the beginning I said rehabilitation quarantine.

No one in this world wants to be hurt but sometimes when we are left behind maybe it is time for you to get to know and know who you really are.

You can process more to be able to appreciate the good people who will later come from life, in your life. So it depends on how you react and one thing I have always believed in and I have always believed in.

When God allows someone to leave your life, don't be disappointed but try to learn from it. When God allows that person to come into your life for a reason, God also allows that person to leave your life for a reason too.

So find the wisdom and we can move on and get better in this life, there will be people who come and go, some will come and give us memories, some will come and give us happiness, some will come and give us lessons.

Learning that is so valuable even though it has to be paid for with tears, sometimes you really have to give up someone to be able to find the real you. Sometimes his departure is a way of life to make you more mature, sometimes his departure is God's way of bringing you closer to him.

By those of you who are left, believe that there are good things that you get from his departure, do you realize that often the person you want in your life is not necessarily the right person who should be in your life.
God puts someone not without a reason and when God allows that person to leave your life it's for a better reason, don't be disappointed try to take a lesson, so let him who hurt you go, let him who hurt you stay away from your life and smile.

Yes smile and thank you because this is the time for you to organize your heart, this is the time for you to be even better.

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