Easy 10 RMSfitness tokens

Ab easy way to get 10 RMSfitness tokens. Just did workout 55 and I did in 7:43:70 what is your time in this trade-free workout?
Want some RMSfitness token? Do what are you waiting for ? Christmas ? Bullshit :) get to Daily Workoutslisted.to:/@myworkoutareba) grab any workout- do it and submit your score to the spreadsheet provided. Add you Jane and score . You can in any place it choose your place from your workout score and just write down. Recommended to use pc as this cryptdrive do not support shitty stupid phone industry.
Enjoy trade-free workouts from myworkoutarena. You can sign for trade-free personal training, just give me a message. Complete daily workouts and earn RMSfitness tokens - get fit and fcuking rich in tonens. Lol :)
Peace, trade-based society.