You can't gain weight?


Most people think more than you are eating a lot, but in reality you are not.
I'm trying to gain weight but I eat a lot and it goes nowhere because of my body type ectomorph now no stop bulshit priory inconsistently one right you're you're probably why you're hungry and some days or others are there any workout schedule how much are you eating you eat a lot that doesn't give me a number like accurate are you actually measuring your calories have you measure calories are you measure michaela's most people think they're eating a lot more than they are every not getting weights because you aren't eating enough and reheating or choices with food I could be causing leaky garden information and might negatively affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients that will negatively affect your ability to process what you actually eating so trust me eating bulking your lip eating for bulking your literally overeating and you're overly full every f****** day bulking is on your phone when you're eating more all the time you're always eating more than you feel like you need one or should be eating because you literally are your eating more than you should
About the phone I'm trying to gain weight but I eat a lot and it goes nowhere because of my body type ectomorph no nose eating consistently one most people think you're eating a lot more than they are not getting away because you aren't eating enough anything or choice is causing inflammation and might affect your body all everybody good tissue right must say you're causing trauma to your body regularly and you're causing promise your body microtrauma on a regular basis every day or every other day whatever you're listening scheduled you're causing trauma to your body your body like that but you gave your body tissue and because you're not doing too much overloaded damage it in each individual work I'll give you something up for recovery and your towing that line between training hard not overtraining give you something up recovery not sleep properly nutrition everyday consistent as like no slacking your forcing you buy like a cat to the corner to have no other option but to put on size you're giving your body no other option here or doing this kind of work every f****** day here's the food that you need you have more than enough you need fix these muscles make them stronger to handle this way and another straining your eyes like I don't want to be damaging broken down in pain all the time she had it rebuilt issue and has the tools in a brick and mortar to build that the protein of everything and then you do it again and your increasing progressive overload recording moreover the more time we can she say anything negative or more sets and more ever you go from upper body lower body push-pull to chest and triceps you separate shoulders and arms from Chester but whatever it is increase the overload and your still eating more you're just it's all the time it's literally much harder than lifting it's not comfortable two or more cars and you need that's what has to happen if you don't have that data you need to get much more serious about what you're trying to accomplish question now and how do I know because I did it.