Soon to be Purple belt - This is my Brazilian Jiujutsu journey


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The only way I can show you the sport is through videos. I am a practitioner of the art of bone breaking and currently the most popular combat sports: The Brazilian Jiujutsu

2022 and the sport continues to expand. MMA Fighters and Self defence classes now incorporate ground fighting in their training. Ground fighting has become a science which is absolutely needed to learn and practice. An elite fighter without ground skills will get mauled hard by a skilled grappler.

So, this year marks my 5yrs into the BJJ journey and this adds up slightly over 1200hrs of mat time. I have competed in many local tournaments, national championships and African championships. I have won many fights and loss a lot too.

I am currently a 4 stripes Blue Belt and I coach competition classes in the Capital of Mauritius Island: Port Louis. I have a team of 25 people which consits of 7-9 regular competitors. I made this small video to celebrate this. I am so grateful and look forward to pursue my BJJ journey.

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