National Rally Championship 2022 by MotorRacingClub | Mauritius


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Super great project, the National Rally Championship 2022 organised by @motorracingclub. This rally event themed the Memorial of Hashim Maudarbocus which I think is a huge display of sportsmanship and racing brotherhood. What a class act by all MRC staff, towing, rescue teams, racers and everyone was super nice.

The event was held last week on Saturday 27th March (my birthday yaaay) and Sunday 28th March at La Nicoliere and at Nouvelle Decouverte respectively and I finally got the chance to film on my birthday with the media crew. Pretty happy with the results and I hope you enjoy viewing as mush as like I did when editing this 😎. Lack of time and prep on shoot day, I had to record with default configs so please exkiz moi (apologize) for the over/under exposed scenes.

All credits goes to the artists. This sport is dangerous and these drivers are professionals and.very.VERY skilled. The amount of hours they put in perfecting their works, the preparations, the deadlines, the research, the money they burn building these machines, the failures and all the ups and downs comes down to shave just a hair of the time on a 5minute track race the mountains all together makes the whole point of the sport. Who is the most skilled driver, who runs the most track efficient machine. The pressure the drivers faces man It's the crowd who truely appreciate the races. Racers are sickkkkk🔥.

See you all at the Slalom very very soon! 😎💯

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