Different Types of Sports

Sport, like all popular forms of entertainment has many different types. A popular sport can be competitive, entertaining or merely a recreational activity. A sport can be organised around a central idea such as kicking a ball or running in a marathon. Alternatively it can be established around a central activity such as a game of basketball or baseball where teams compete to win. However there are many different types of sport, some more popular than others, that do not feature professional teams and/or athletes.

One type of popular sport is motor sport; this encompasses many forms of motor sports such as motor cycling and motor skiing. It can include regular games of racquetball, table tennis or racing. Another popular physical activity incorporating physical exertion is mountain climbing. Mountain climbers are used by many forms of sport and this form of sport is not limited to athletes, but is common amongst all sorts of people from mountaineers to hikers. Extreme sport is another popular form of physical activity that incorporates physical exertion in a number of potentially dangerous ways. These include bungee jumping, skydiving, sky diving and inline skating.


Most people associate extreme sports with professional sport games such as ice hockey, football, rugby, hockey, bobsled racing and skydiving. These sports involve high levels of physical movement and require highly skilled individuals to excel within their respective disciplines. For example, ice hockey requires expert players who can control the ball on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ice and bobsled racing relies heavily on speed and a highly acrobatic nature of its participants. Although most people associate these sports with a certain type of physical activity, they actually encompass a wide range of physical activity.

Another physical activity that most people associate with extreme sports is gymnastics. There are many different types of gymnastics and they include freestyle, beam, tumbling, floor and team all of which require an incredible level of fitness and athleticism. Many people associate gymnastics with the beauty of a sport such as ice dancing which it is possible to see at many circus performances although this is not the only form of gymnastic. There are other physical activities that have a lot of skill involved and this includes figure skating, rowing, taekwondo and karate. These are all forms of competitive sports but some also incorporate elements of acrobatics and stunts which are more commonly associated with gymnastics.

Sport activity is normally divided into two main categories: exercise and sport. Exercise sports involve physical exertion on the body and therefore require aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Sport sports involve using the body in a calculated manner and this is what makes them popular. In most sports the objective is to win and a lot of time is spent accumulating the score. However, the style of playing a sport is not important and the sport itself will determine the winner.

There have been many forms of sports that have evolved through the years and some examples include wrestling, basketball, rugby, baseball, softball, hockey and track and field. Each sport has developed different aspects which have increased their popularity in the sporting world. Wrestling is the oldest form of sports competition and this started in the early 1900's. The sport has developed through the years to where it is today and wrestling still enjoys a high level of popularity. Another example of an ancient sport is surfing and the very first surfing competitions were held in France in the early decades of the 20th century. Now there are several surfing events around the world.

Modern sports are those that people do not get to see too often because the rules of these modern sports are too sophisticated and involve several different elements. Modern sports competitions include track and field, swimming, golf, tennis and bicycling to name a few. However, there is no doubt that most people recognise the activities that occur on the athletic field during football games. Boxing is another form of modern sports that has developed through the years and involves many fighters engaging in a sparring match. Rowing, fencing and synchronized swimming have also developed in recent years as well.

One of the oldest sports that is still popular is horse racing. Although the sport is old there are many people who enjoy watching the sport and betting on the races. A lot of people are into horse racing and they race against others from all over the UK and Europe. They also race for money and other prizes that are awarded to the winning horses. As a result there are now professional equestrian races available in the UK and Europe that people can watch and enjoy.