The president of La Liga gave explosive information about the release of Messi

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La Liga president Javier Tevez has given explosive information about why Barcelona could not hold Lionel Messi.

Tebas claimed that Bar মাদa president Laporta could not keep Messi in the team as he was influenced by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

According to Tebas, Bar president Sergio Aguero, who is in debt for 1.4 billion euros, could not hold on to Messi without pulling him out of the squad.

Last August, Barca president .

Tebas claimed that Laporta had agreed to the deal. Laporta has backed away from signing a deal at the instigation of the Real president.

"He then agreed to the CVC agreement. ?" The boy (Messi) can't be trusted. " I told him then, this (CVC) issue in public,

Florentino will actually try to frustrate it. Laporta then said, no, no problem, I will be firm. In fact, there is no doubt that Florentino is behind it. '

Tebas claimed that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had persuaded the Barাa president to sign the deal.

Incidentally, 16 La Liga clubs have agreed to a CCV deal and received some money. In return, CVC will take 10 percent of La Liga revenue (including TV rights) for the next 50 years. However,

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao did not agree to the CVC agreement. That is why the company will not be able to support the income of these three clubs.

However, the financial misery did not cut the bar. Messi became a free agent after his contract with Bar expired

. Bar have not been able to renew Messi's contract within La Liga. Messi then joined the PSG.

Why goal scorers in Golkhara

Bangladesh started SAF football in Maldives with a win against Sri Lanka.

In the second match on Monday, 10-man Bangladesh defeated seven-time champion India. Two defenders of Bangladesh have scored two goals in two matches.

The goallessness of the attacking players has left football fans frustrated. Defenders will not rescue in all matches.

The way then? What three former forwards of the national team said about this problem-

Imtiaz Ahmed Naqib, former national team forward

There are forwards in the national team. But they are not able to score much in international matches.

This is because they are neglected at the club level in domestic events. Each club in the league has two foreign forwards. The local strikers are sitting.

This is why the forwards of our country are dull in international matches. This problem is due to lack of opportunities to play. Domestic forwards will have to play in Dhaka League regularly. Then Bangladesh will come out of this problem.

Alfaz Ahmed, former national team forward

Strikers have to score all the time, it doesn't matter. Not only the strikers get the chance to score,

but also the players of other positions. In total football, everyone on the team scores goals. Safe our strikers are not able.

What's more, the defenders are scoring goals. It's good for us. We have backups. I don't see any problem in that.

  • Zahid Hasan Emily, former national team forward

The forwards got a chance in both the matches. Midfielder Rakib also got a chance to score a goal. Matin also did not get less opportunity. But none of them scored in two matches.

Both goals came from set pieces. In every match but the goal will not come from the set piece. It has to be kept in mind.

If you want to go to the final in an event like SAF, you don't have to waste the opportunity. The strikers have to take advantage of the opportunity.

'I think India is nothing to us'

After starting with a win against Sri Lanka, a draw with India with 10 people.

The host Maldives will face Bangladesh in SAF football on Thursday. After the practice in Male on Tuesday, Bangladesh goalkeeper Anisur Rahman said, "We are playing positive football.

Trying to play passing football. India is much higher in the rankings. Sunil Chhetri made the gap for them. We got a lot of opportunities. I could have won the match if I could have used it. I want to maintain continuity. '

He added, ‘We have played a lot of matches with India in the last few years. There has been a clear idea about them. In the future we will go on the field to lose them.

It is important to get points from India. This one point will be very useful to us. Winning one of the remaining two matches will increase our chances of playing in the final. If I lost the match, I would get in trouble. '

Forward Matin Mia said, "I tried to play the way the coach said. Not only me, everyone has done well. 'Two defenders have scored two goals for Bangladesh in two matches.

Forwards fail. "The forwards will score, that's right," Matin said. However, a team of 11 people. Anyone can score goals.

We are optimistic. I'm trying. The coach in training is working on finishing. I hope the forwards will also get a goal in the next match InshaAllah. '

The defense of the Maldives is somewhat weak. opportunity.

"The coach will work on this. The weakness of their defense will be exploited by our forwards. We will play this match to win.

The coach has trained us in such a way that it feels like India is nothing to us. The coach has enlivened us.

That is why I have fought with India. When we see a defender scoring a goal, we forwards get more excited. '

Oscar will not get two in tomorrow's match. They are: Defender Bishwanath Ghosh who got red card and Rakib Hossain who got yellow card in two consecutive matches.

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