Morning Run Home


image_7115539725.png just finished a 7.8km run, that lasted for 38 minutes.
This run helped burn 639.3 calories.

Description from Strava: 7.8km run after a 2.7km swim means 10kms before breakfast. I forget that sometimes and am a little hard on myself if my run home is a little slower than normal.
The water in the pool was cold as well leaving my hands numb and I was shivering a bit before getting onto the run.
The run lets me warm up afterwards and I was expecting rain after some heavy falls last night, but for today it was all good for my run back home

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About the Athlete: I am an Aussie living in Auckland, New Zealand and I love swimming biking and running with my fiance. I tell people "I wanna change the world, one run at a time".


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