Splinterland's Battle Challenge : Cruel Sethropod.


Splinterland's Battle Challenge : Cruel Sethropod.


This week Splinterland's Battle challenge featured cruel Sethropod and actually I have not explored this card because my favourite card in Water tank is Spine back turtle and I hold gold foil of it.


This look so sturdy and good that I do not want to rest this card in the battle , actually Spineback turtle is indispensable in my team as tank as Ruler of seas to blast the enemy.

Since every card has its, own use and I understood it when I saw the below ruleset in the battle.


So no even Mana cards and Cruel Sethropod is 3 mana card, it fits the bill and I have no guilt of leaving my favorite Spineback turtle outside the team.

I guess before using a card in the battle it's SWOT analysis is very necessary so let do its SWOT analysis for level 5 of this card , that I used in the battle.


Strength :
For 3 mana card , having 4 Armor and 5 health is actually good and it make total of 9 (4+5) points . Having 2 attack is also ok for 3 mana card. It look to perfectly fit in the bill for low mana battles.

Weakness :
This card do not have any ability even at the level 10. I guess this the biggest weakness in the card. It's swiftness is also low so apart from reverse ruleset , this is not much of help in normal ruleset battles.

Opportunity :
In low mana battle and if there is no magic ruleset then this look a beast tank in it's category. It can be again a choice instead of spineback turtle when monster lose all ability.

Threat :
This card is in Water Splinter , where we have heavy magic hitter cards like "Ruler of Seas" etc. It can be finished off in magic battle even before making a move/hit on opponent team.

Let move to battle

Since the ruleset allow only odd mana cards and "monster lose all abilities" wit just 22 mana , so it will really nice to see which team will win.
It look like I that save 2 mana in tank against my opponent.


Look like both of us lost the tank in first round.


Above screen shot is after end of round 2, even if opponent goes first I will win, but here I went first and competed my kill.

Saving 2 mana in tank as compared to opponent Lord Arianthus and using Dwarven Wizard proved crucial for me.

Link to battle id

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