Splinterlands: New updates on focus rewards will increase game earnings and fun.


Splinterlands: New updates will increase game earnings and fun.

I am little surprised that I am seeing Splinterlands team bringing the changes to the new focus system and it effectively caters the issue that I raised in my previous post

I am sure these changes will now make game more enjoyable and more competitive.


Positive of new upcoming changes.

1. Daily focus chest based on current league.
This is very welcome change and I already highlighted in my previous post that earning chest after season resets become pain.
If you end the season in Diamond League and after season reset and few games, you fell into Silver league, then it will become really painful to collect Diamond chests by having wins in Silver league.

2. Every win counts in Daily quest
From my previous post

Look like "Focus" get me so focused to that particular summoner that my whole strategy for selecting best splinter for that occasion (according to my team) is not happening.

With these change , I am going for win more now instead of selecting the focus summoner or team who has less probability to win the match.

3. More competitive game
Just glance last 5 battle of your opponent and you know the opponent focus quest and the team that opponent will be fielding and vice versa. Team are not getting selected as per best summoner for ruleset but instead of "focus" summoner. This will now stop and I am expecting to see innovative lineups again.

4. Encourage more card buying/renting instead of using starter set
After the season reset , using starter card penalty will increase and penalty will be now not linear but it will be cubic, so it will impact reward share more now if player used the starter card.

Only change 1 and 4 going to take place after current season ends and other changes are proposed changes.

Splinterland's : My Day Today

I got Water quest for the account saachi and Earth quest for account r1s2g3 ( and since I ended last season in Diamond so my chests are of "Diamond" level.) I claimed 7 and 8 diamond chest respectively for the account saachi and r1s2g3.

Rewards for account saachi


Rewards for account r1s2g3


Look like I have lost my luck ,may be next chest loot will be better.

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