Bangladesh - Preparation begins for the T-20 world cup in Australia.

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Bangladesh was the most disappointed team in the last t-20 world cup tournament. Before the tournament, they were tagged as the dark horse of the tournament but they have failed miserably. This was happened because of the stupidness of some senior players. And many players failed to perform although they had potential. Players like Mustafiz, Musfiqur Rahim, Liton Das, Afif Druvo, and The Captain Mahmudullah.

Mustafizur Rahman, Before the tournament Musfizur was one of the finest bowlers in t-20. he played a lot of matches while playing in IPL. I was excited about him. I thought he will replicate the performance he showed us in IPL with Rajasthan Royals. But alas! He was the most expensive bowler in the tournament.

Afif Druvo was the most informed batsman in the squad before the tournament. Somehow he failed to score a decent amount of runs in each match. he failed miserably too.

Musfiqur Rahman was probably the most senior batsman in the squad. But what he showed us in the tournament was just a slap in the faces of the Bangladeshi cricket fans. Seems like he never learns from his mistakes. he played the scoop shot over and over again. And got out in almost every match while his team was in danger. It's maybe his favorite shot but why do you play such a dangerous shot while your team is in danger? He was such a disappointment.

Liton Das, was on the other hand tried to play for his social media fans. If you're a professional cricketer, you will get trolled on social media for the failures. But you have to ignore these while you're playing in a big tournament. Liton Das failed to hold his concentration in every match he played. I hope the management of BCB will take steps to ban using social media while the players are in a big tournament.

And the most disappointing name was Mahmudullah Riyad. He was the captain of the team. I saw the bottled a lot of important decisions while his team needed him most. He was miserable by the selection of bowlers and arrangement of the fielders. He failed to score runs as a batsman too. If you're the leader you should have the ability to make the right decisions in important moments. But Mahmudulla Riyad failed miserably. I don't think he has the ability to be a captain of this team.

The Bangladesh cricket board has now announced the t-20 team that will face Pakistan following the disappointment of the previous tournament. It's encouraging to see that they've included a large number of youngsters in the squad. This was exactly what they needed to do in order to improve on the previous year. They have discluded Liton, Soumya, Musfiq from the team. While including players such as Yeasin Arafat Rabbi, Aminul Islam Biplob, and Akbar Ali.
It's encouraging to see the BCB selectors finally learning from their mistakes when it comes to player selection. I'm hoping they're looking ahead to the next t-20 world cup. They should focus on testing the young players to determine who will be the best fit for the team.


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