Archery for Kids

Hello everyone? Today, I came to a kindergarten, a school for grade-level children to socialize sports to increase students' interest and talent in the sport of archery. And when I got to this place, I saw several teachers practicing archery procedures on their children.
I am a sports teacher who works in a public school in Pidie district, Sigli Aceh, Indonesia. I see that the children of this school are very happy when their teachers practice this sport of archery.
In the world of archery, it is very important to understand the types of arcs first, the goal is for them to understand that there are many types of arcs that we can use for the practice of archery. especially for beginners who learn archery.
Actually, I’m not very smart at archery, because I’ve only studied theory. and for practice there are other teachers who teach it, because they are not too stupid to know it.
I saw this type of arc being placed on the green field, and this type of arc with a pull that was neither too long nor too short. I don’t know what kind of bow it is, but they told me it’s a short bow that has a short range but has a speed that is not lower than other types of bows, such as the long bow and the flat bow.
In the class, I saw that there was another type of bow, I was so curious that I asked what kind of bow is it? and they said it’s a type of horse bow made of laminated wood, carbon and fiber.
Thank you for visiting the archery sports blog.! I took this photo 3 days ago.
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