Last Round Of The HiveChess Tournament Season 9

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Image By @Stayoutoftherz

I played the last round of the #Hivechess event hosted by @stayoutoftherz on camera today. It was a swiss tournament with 7 rounds.

I hope you enjoy my tournament video, it was interesting because I was in a good and happy mood. I had only one loss to Blackswan21 known as @tungphong on Hive.

I did my best to analyse other games that were going on as there was enough time to do that... I was happy to draw the eventual tournament winner @eniolw and to win my friend @jaki01 who played me with half his strength due to his last game.

While we await the final tournament standings, please do well to enjoy the last round video

Tomorrow there is still Chess960 to play hosted by @schamangerbert! If you need ideas on how to play better in 960 chess, please check the #Hivechess study I did during the week.

HIveChess Study (5) : A Deep Look Into The Chess960 Variant

Thank You My Chess Friends For the Love & support

Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


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