My status in Rabona Game (Day 47 - I'm playing the ⚽Rabona Game)


Hello everyone.

I'm trying to play Rabona game with interest.
My team name is SETH FC.
Currently playing in League 2.
My team's goal for this season is to avoid relegation.

In today's game, my team's results are better.
I was able to get some wins back and get some valuable points.
So today, my team has escaped the relegation zone in the standings.
You have to keep trying. Remaining fixtures are subject to change.

In the last game, my team's midfielder got a red card and was penalized for 3 matches.
Now in season, my team's players are often getting red cards. You can see that the games are very competitive.
The player strength is strong as the injured players have recovered.
The next games will be able to achieve the best results.

So far my team has played 12 home games and 12 away games.
After a total of 24 games, my team won 8. One game was 4 draws. Lose a 12 game.
Goals For 29, Goals Against 39, Goal Difference -11, and Points 28 are 10 on the list.

Free training once a day for.
Speed ​​(SPD) was performed today.
Regular exercise improves the outcome of the game.
Free training is done daily.

How will the remaining games play out? This is becoming more important. 5 points difference from the teams in the relegation zone.
We are trying to minimize the not loss of points in the remaining games. My team has many chances to stay in League 2. Tomorrow, the results and answers will start coming out.

Will be back with more features in the coming days.
Thanks for reading my post.
Good luck to you all.

You Invite to play ⚽ Rabona Game.
This game is interesting.


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