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Kind of surprising to read this post. I thought all sports people were people that liked to talk about their sport with each other. I'm not so much of a sports person, but yes Hive is a two way street. Conversations need to be started in the communities, as for myself, (bashadow) I comment a lot, not so much with my secondary support account but sometimes. I do.

So for American NFL Football fans, here is a question to get a conversation started - "Have you noticed when looking at the google headline news page that when you get down to the sports section there is no mention zero mentions in fact about the Seattle Seahawks. I know because I look every morning at the headlines, I don't know why I always look for a mention of the Seahawks, it probably goes back to the days of Zorn and Largent." There is always something that can be talked about in sports, so I find it surprising there is not much comment activity for the sports people.