Exactly one year after winning the NBA title, former player J. R. Smith made his college golf debut.

Two-time NBA champion JR Smith made his college golf debut on Monday, exactly one year after winning the NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Smith, a 16-year-old NBA veteran, was admitted to North Carolina A&T State University in August with the hope of playing for the university golf team.
After the team was formed, 36-year-old Alamens made his debut at the invitation of Country Club's Elon Phoenix.


And Smith started pretty well by making two birdies in the first five holes. He was at number one in the middle of the leaderboard until the front nine.

However, on the home stretch, things took a turn for the worse as he made six bogeys in a row and then finished a double bogey in the 17th hole with another bogey before hitting 10-over 81 shots.

In the second round of the day, it followed a similar pattern: a good start with a solid finish.

He finished with a 7-over 78 and took a few spots ahead on the leaderboard.

"I was nervous. I was," he said.

Despite Smith’s up-and-down round, former teammate and NBA superstar LeBron James expressed his appreciation for the debut golfer.

He is initially pursuing a degree in liberal research - his classes began on August 18 - but he is now playing golf for one of the country’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Sure, he spent 16 days playing in the NBA, earning millions and winning two world crowns in a packed arena at the top of a global sport. But he was now in a position to arrange T-shots as a 36-day-old Colt walk-on to play his first club golf tournament for the North Carolina A&T at Phoenix Invitational in Elon on Monday.

A historically interested in attending a historically black college or university, Smith has since been attracted to Greensboro Academy, which follows a bandwagon of NBA and its players to support the HBCU traditions and culture of this generation of all-star games in Atlanta.
J.R. Smith of North Carolina A&T Aggies has a put-up line on the 8th green.

“We omit a small part of the country’s opportunity, the budget system,” Smith said with a smile. But it's great. It's great to represent them. It's great to get recognition for the academy because they earn it, and my classmates.

"I'm going to be equal to being back in the parcel and that's what our teammates are looking for with the palate coming from an event."

It’s a fraternal experience two decades late for Mela Smith, who originally prepared to go to the NBA in 2004 for a first-round pick before moving to play basketball in North Carolina.

Aegis coach Richard Watkins said, "I was satisfied with him." Just going out and playing recreational golf with your friends is completely different than competing.
“The first one was to soak his nadirs. Either he was frustrated and I was really happy to do the 18 replacement work because education is not cheap. And I think he has learned some reading there now.

Smith's presence in a blue A&T hoodie and white pants was followed by 15 to 30 curious spectators at the Amini-Gallery. Eli never missed a chance to be a part of it.

The 21-day-old is a resident of Cleveland, where Smith helped the James-led gentlemen win the 201 World Cup. Elon Sr. said it seemed somewhat fortunate that Smith came so close to his first club competition.

“When I saw he was worthy, I was like,‘ I have to come, ’” Ehrbar said, wearing a burgundy gentleman hoodie. We were, it's a world-class athlete, a world champion NBA player. Especially from Cleveland, it hits a little differently.

Smith appeared in considerable relief through the legion hole. When a T-shot hits a tree and lands on the fairway, Smith quickly becomes foolish that he calls it a bank shot. He gave a Coltish "beep, beep" as he walked through the audience on his Wayne Wayne way, directed by Temple golfer Joey Morgan.