I shared my personal life and my acquaintance with everyone


Hi everyone my name is @shariarahammad I am from Bangladesh but I live in Malaysia

me almost 7 years working Malaysian very famous online delivery J&T Here I am working very successfully using my experience very well

I like to work online a lot I try to share the work that will be given to me by using my experience very carefully and I will be able to use my experience on JJ platform by sharing my work experience on the platform and using it well with everyone I am gaining everyone's love

I am currently working as a #wearealiveand.social newbie. I have worked on different platforms before. I have been able to present my blogging on different sites in a successful way. I hope I can do something good with the cooperation of everyone on this platform Who can present in front of everyone

I started working in the online world seven years ago today. I have been able to earn some money by working on small websites. I am also able to earn some good money by working with big people in a few days. I hope I am also good on the platform. I can earn good money by working and earn everyone's love I want to get my support from everyone on the platform and everyone will support me

I also like to travel to different places. Traveling is my hobby. I travel to different places in Malaysia but these traveling posts are not shared anywhere. I try to keep them captive in my gallery.


A famous beach in Malaysia I visited here 2 years ago today when no coronavirus was found in the world when the people of the world are quietly managing their lives walking in this beautiful world without any hindrance at that time in different places of my life so far The last picture of traveling I like to travel to different places.


This is a park where I went for a walk in the coronavirus and many people are always busy with daily exercise, physical exercise and various sports. Different types of people gather here. People of different races and religions gather here. I am very happy to take myself to such a place I'm out


The Malaysian government relaxed the lockdown in Malaysia and lifted the ban on human movement when there was not a single corona virus infection in Malaysia when the whole world was awake for a coronavirus outbreak of the coronavirus. Went to visit it is a popular place in Malaysia