Where is the 'place of thought' of the Bangladesh team?

Where is the 'place of thought' of the Bangladesh team?

Three different press conferences, three different people, three different questions; But all three questions have an answer in a few words. The essence of which is 'there is nothing to worry about.' Out of those three questions, the fourth question also has the same answer, but with a little explanation. In the midst of that explanation, the main idea was, 'There is nothing to worry about.'


Let's go straight to the point without hesitation. The press conference mentioned the three current T20 World Cups, three different people Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah Riyadh, and Russell Domingo respectively. And three different (or four) questions are the main topic of this article.

Bangladesh started their World Cup mission by losing to Scotland by six runs. After that, the easy victories against Oman and Papua New Guinea confirmed the ticket to the Super Twelve. However, after the loss in the first match, the Bangladesh cricket team seems to be in a 'no worries' mood.

The first question is after the 26-run victory against Oman. Shakib Al Hasan, who won the Man of the Match award with 42 runs with the bat and 3 wickets with the ball, came to the post-match press conference. He was asked, 'Bangladesh team has lost 6 wickets in the last five overs. Is it possible to bat a little more in the end at this place? '


Without answering, Shakib countered, 'How many wickets has Oman taken?' Get the answer, 'That's it.' Then Shakib said with a small smile, 'Then it's okay.' It was not possible to ask him a counter-question, 'Then is Bangladesh a team equal to Oman?' It is useless to think now what the answer would be if the question was asked.

But the question is whether it is 'okay' to lose 6 wickets in five overs at all. Especially in T20 cricket where the big teams try to score 10-12 runs per over in the last 4-5 overs, losing 5-6 wickets is always a matter of debate.

If we look at some of the matches before the World Cup, we can see that Bangladesh lost 3 wickets in the first 15 overs and 3 more wickets in the last 5 overs in the second match of the series against New Zealand. In contrast, 36 runs were added to the scoreboard. Earlier, after losing 4 wickets in the first 14 overs in the fifth match of the series against Australia, 4 wickets fell in the last 32 balls and 26 runs came. In the third match of the same series, Bangladesh could lose 4 wickets in the last five overs and score 34 runs.

Excluding the last two series of slow-low wickets at home, the Bangladesh team has lost many wickets in a hurry from a good position and did not get the expected run in the end. As in the 2019 tour of India, in the second match of the T20 series, Bangladesh's final collection stood at 96 for 2 at the end of 12 overs at one stage and 153 runs for 6 wickets. In other words, losing 5 wickets in the last 6 overs, only 56 runs were added.

Such examples of failure to finish from a good position, at home or abroad, can be found in many matches in recent times. But in the same match, Oman also took six wickets in the last five overs, so the representative of the team thinks that the same work of Bangladesh is 'OK'!

Let's come to the second question. This time the subject is the last bowling of Bangladesh. The Tigers' World Cup mission began with an official warm-up match against Sri Lanka. The Bangladesh team that batted earlier in that match collected 146 runs. Later, the bowlers took 6 wickets for only 75 runs. But Sri Lanka won the match by averaging 73 runs for the seventh wicket. Where they scored 43 runs in the last 4 overs. Later in the last 4 overs of the second warm-up match against Ireland, the Tigers bowlers cost 53 runs, no wickets were taken.

In the two preparation matches, the last bowling style is maintained even in the main event of the World Cup. After taking 6 wickets for 53 runs in the match against the Scots in the first period, they stood at 140 runs. Where he made 75 runs in the last 6 overs and 44 runs in the last 4 overs.

Nothing like that happened in the next match against Oman. However, they took 6 wickets in 16.4 overs but could not get all out in the last 20 balls. In the last two overs, the tenth wicket pair added 15 runs, Bangladesh's winning margin came down to 26 runs.


There is no problem with the winning margin in the last match against Papua New Guinea. Bangladesh won by the highest 64 runs in their history, all-out PNG by 96 runs. Someone who hasn't seen the match will definitely applaud it, it is definitely a performance like an applause. But in that match, Bangladesh had a golden opportunity to bowl out PNG even less. After taking 6 wickets for only 29 runs, Bangladesh had to spend 8 runs for the last three wickets. Which is more than double the first 6 wickets.

Mahmudullah Riyadh was questioned about his bowling in the last five matches in a row. He was asked if such loose bowling, in the end, could be a cause for concern against the big teams in the Super Twelve. As soon as the question was over, the Tiger captain replied, 'No. There is no reason to worry.

The same thing again. Isn't the loose and expensive bowling that is pulled towards the end really a cause for concern? When it comes to Kieron Pollard-Andre Russell, David Miller, Glenn Maxwell, or Vanindu Hasaranga at the end of the day, then the cost of such loose bowling will have to be borne by any team.

But like the last batting, the last bowling is also 'not a cause for concern for the Bangladesh team. It's not just that group issues aren't a cause for concern. There is nothing to worry about in Tiger camp even with personal performance. It is learned that the team came to the third press conference from the head coach Russell Domingo.

This time the topic is the opening pair of the Tigers. So far this year, Bangladesh has got an opening pair of 50 runs in just two of the 19 Twenty20 matches played. One against Zimbabwe, the other against New Zealand. In the three matches of the current T20 World Cup, Bangladesh's opening pair scored 8, 11, and 0 runs respectively.

The head coach who came to the press conference on the eve of Bangladesh's first match in Super Twelve (Saturday) was asked, 'Bangladesh has been suffering in the opening match for a long time. Is there a plan to change that? ' "No (no)," Domingo replied in one word. In other words, Bangladesh's plan is to move forward with the inaugural opening pair. They have nothing to worry about.

But historically it is true that there is no substitute for a good opening pair to get a big collection in any format. That is true not only of Bangladesh but of any party in the world. But even if the opening pair continues to fail, the head coach of the team does not seem to find anything to change here!

The fourth is another question that can be added to these three 'no worries'. Discussions on the recent performances of two-star cricketers Mushfiqur Rahim and Mostafizur Rahman came up. Standing next to the two, Mahmudullah Riyadh said in his captaincy speech that the Bangladesh team management is not worried about anyone's performance.

However, according to the statistics, after scoring 72 runs in two consecutive matches in the 2016 Nidahas Trophy, Mushfiqur has touched fifty only once in 26 matches. During this time he has scored 395 runs at an average of only 18.45 and a strike rate of 102.59. In T20 cricket, which involves terrible batting. On the other hand, in the current World Cup, Mostafiz spent three matches, took six wickets in 12 overs but spent 102 runs at an economy rate of eight and a half.

Despite the performances of two important members of the team, captain Mahmudullah said in a strong voice, there is nothing to worry about anyone's performance. It is the job of an ideal player to keep his player in front of the media. But if the team does not discuss improving their performance within the team, then the danger is inevitable.

The representatives of the Bangladesh team are talking about 'no worries' to keep their players in check, whether it is for personal performance or not. In the same way, saying that there is nothing to worry about at the end of bowling or batting can be continued as a plan not to expose the weakness of the team.

And if Bangladesh really takes the place of these imperfections as 'nothing to worry about, then naturally the question arises, what is the place of thought in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh lost the toss and elected to bat


After a big push in the first round, Bangladesh turned around and made it to the Super Twelve. Which is being considered as the main event of the World Cup. The Tigers will have to face the big opponents in this episode.

Today (Sunday) Bangladesh will face Sri Lanka in the first match of Super Twelve. After winning the toss, Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka decided to field first. That means Bangladesh will bat first.

Respect our cricketers


After losing to Scotland in the first match, there was a storm in Bangladesh. How did Bangladesh lose to a team like Scotland? Netizens seem to have taken issue with this one issue on social media Facebook.

At such a difficult time for the team, the media, spectators, supporters were not by the side of the cricketers. When team leader Mahmudullah Riyadh makes such remarks, we should actually be ashamed. What people have done on Facebook is really reprehensible. Some have even talked about experienced players like Mushfiqur-Riyadh. Again, someone has said that Bangladesh can only do it in Mirpur, and nowhere else. On the other hand, whatever you want with Liton-Soumya is going on.

Gemini has started making such trolls, even with Shant. Earlier, there was this troll with Imrul Kayes. Now, of course, more can be seen with Gemini and Shant. These are trolled from several pages. Where we comment, we share.

In this way we try to throw a kind of shame on the cricketers. But we do not know, who are we doing all this? No one suffers more than a player who plays badly. Today I challenged the players who trolled like this, you go to the field and run in every match. In fact, the matter is not as simple as it seems.

I think we have more responsibility for the current situation of cricket in Bangladesh. If we do well, we jump and if we do badly, we rescue fourteen groups of cricketers.

But that shouldn't be the case. Constructive criticism can be made even after winning. Even after losing again, there is a lot of gains. So if the morale of the players is right, if they can give their best, Bangladesh always does something good.

But when we are a little nineteen or twenty, we take the storm of criticism through social media. By trolling, we make a player more emotionally upset.

But this is not the way to love cricket in the country. Those who love country cricket can never disrespect country cricketers. Remember, those who are playing on the field are our brothers, fathers, friends. To disrespect them is to disrespect one's own country.

We are hitting the hearts of those who are leading my country, with whose contribution the country is winning with a game at the end of the day, with a rate. The day the troll starts with the player who will do badly.

Nowadays we have created several pages and groups on Facebook to troll with cricket. I am surprised to think that he sees all the members of the page. So many people make dirty comments about our openers !!

If they make Bangladesh better again, they post on their wall by writing "My Bangladesh". This is the condition of our country today for these opportunists. Those who cannot stand by in the difficult times of country cricket are never true patriots.

In fact, it is very difficult for us to see. Let's love the country, let's love the country's players. Learn to respect them. At least if you can't give respect, don't disrespect. If you want to criticize, do it constructively in beautiful language. Even if Bangladesh loses and Bangladesh wins, go and support the country with this slogan. I hope Bangladesh will shine once again in Super Twelve.

Sri Lanka ahead in statistics, Bangladesh in recent form


Bangladesh's goal in the T20 World Cup is to play in the semi-finals. However, Mahmudullah Riyadh's team will have to cross a difficult path to achieve that goal.

Bangladesh is in a very difficult group in Super Twelve. In Group-1, the Tigers will have to fight against teams like Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, and Sri Lanka. Needless to say, fulfilling the dream will be very difficult for Bangladesh.

But a good start can put Bangladesh in orbit. And to get that start, Bangladesh is going to play the first match of the second phase of the World Cup against Sri Lanka in Sharjah today.

At one time, Sri Lanka lost to Bangladesh. But the day has changed. In the ODI format, Bangladesh is now the favorite on the field. The result of the recent encounter between the two teams in the T20 also says that the Tigers will take the field against the Lankans from today. At least that is what Bangladesh has won in the last two matches.

However, Bangladesh is still far behind in the face-to-face battle in the T20 format. The Tigers have left the field four times with a smile on their face against the Sri Lankans' 7 wins in 11 overs.

But let's take a look at some more statistics of the two teams, leaving aside the calculation of victory and defeat: -

Highest team collection
Bangladesh: 215/5, Colombo 2018
Sri Lanka: 214/6, Colombo 2018

Minimum team collection
Bangladesh: 73, Johannesburg 2006
Sri Lanka: 124, Mirpur 2018

Highest run
Bangladesh: 281, Mahmudullah Riyadh
Sri Lanka: 365, Kushal Perera

Best innings
Bangladesh: 60, Sabbir Rahman
Sri Lanka: Oh, Kushal Perera

Highest wicket
Bangladesh: 11, Mostafizur Rahman
Sri Lanka: 11, Lasith Malinga

The best bowling figure
Bangladesh: 4/21, Mostafizur Rahman
Sri Lanka: 3/20, Lasith Malinga

World Cup today is like 'Asia Cup'

Is this the World Cup or the Asia Cup? Looking at the schedule of the T20 World Cup today, it is normal for those who have little knowledge of the game to have such an illusion.

There are still two matches in the Super Twelve of the T20 World Cup. And All four teams in the two matches are from Asia. Bangladesh-Sri Lanka will play in the first match of the day. India and Pakistan, the two superpowers, will take the field at night. At least for one day, but today the World Cup is turning into the Asia Cup.

But not just Asia, these two matches are hot everywhere. India-Pakistan maharana means gunpowder tension. The Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match is no less hot now.

Remember that Nidahas trophy? In 2016, in the three-nation tournament in Colombo, there was extreme animosity between the two teams for a snake dance. Interestingly, Bangladesh-Sri Lanka will play against each other in the first T20 match today after that tournament.

Meanwhile, the India-Pakistan duo gets a different dimension every time because of the war of words off the field. This time it is more or less going on. However, the full attention of the players of the two teams, but again around today's match.

Pakistan has never won on the world stage against India. Today, the 2009 champions will take to the Dubai International Stadium to overcome that regret. And the 2007 champions India will want to hold on to their 100 percent World Cup-winning record against arch-enemies.