"Crypto Skaters" Issue #10 featuring @transtorn0

Welcome to "Crypto Skaters" Issue #10 everyone.

"Crypto skaters" is a new skatehive.app exclusive series. Each week we're gonna interview one member of Skatehive community, ask a bunch of questions about skateboarding, life and their involvement with crypto and web3.

In this ussue we invited @transtorn0, skateboarder, film maker member of Skatehive since 2021


Hey @transtorn0 , welcome to "Cryptoskaters"

  • Hello friends Cryptoskaters, very proud to be part of this series! I introduce myself to everyone, I'm Carlos Jr "TRANSTORNO SKATEBOARD".

Can you tell us a few things about you?

  • Well, let's go! I was born in 1992, my relationship with skateboarding started when I was 10 years old. I'm Brazilian, Carioca from Baixada Fluminense, the birthplace of skateboarding in Latin America, here in this district there has been a skateboarding culture since 1976. But more precisely, I evolved in the extinct Skatepark of Olinda Nilópolis, also in Praça XV, those were the main ones. Nowadays I skate a lot at Carlos Nogueira Skatepark located in Nova Iguaçu.

What's you background with skateboarding?

  • Skateboarding in my life in words is psychotherapy, religion, expression, personality, art, feelings, compulsion, improvement.

Goofy or Regular? / Grinds or Slides?

I'm a goofy enthusiast! I was born with an aptitude for slides, and I've been warring against that comfort zone lately so I started to practice some grinds. My soul sweats slides tho!

Favourite Skater and video part?

  • In my opinion the best video part ever is Dustin Dollin in Baker 3!

How did you get involved with crypto and why?

Through my best friend @xvlad! I am filming and editing every day and Vlad introduced me to this "Matrix" world. I saw an absurd revolution in the proportion I absorbed information, today I feel like a human being with 20% of my brain developed. Every time I try to explain to people what I do, I see the disparity in convenience versus benefits that other networks offer their users compared to our type of encryption.

How did you find out about Skatehive?

  • I got to know SkateHive through vlad, I learned a lot with daryl and knowhow's videos. Boelter helped me a lot with doubts instantly, that's the cool thing about our community we help each other voluntarily!

Kickflips or Heelflips?

  • My style is all based on flips. I adapt almost every trick with a flip, and there are even maneuvers that I think are easier with a flip than without it.

flip transtorn0.gif

In your opinion, how can Web3 change skateboarding?

  • Skateboarding has always had a reputation for being an outlet. And this label with the emergence of web3 for skateboarding, can subvert this old vision for a new source of real and democratic income reaching all levels of skaters, in addition to not being geographically trapped, the freedom generated is a great convenience. It's the 5th industrial revolution, after uberization, we are tokenization!

Any Web 3 communities you're part of and wanna mention other than Skatehive?

  • Yes, I'm the latest GNARS DAO supporter in network.
    A previous platform I use to build my online portfolio is Odysee.

What should we expect from @transtorn0 this 2023?

  • I'm assembling a cast for a new short film, in the next projects I want to adapt psychedelics with acrobatics. Maybe I'll step out of the dry-cut comfort zone and start doing some bolder transitions.
    Fine and more elaborate things is what I will bring in this year of the rabbit (Chinese calendar). In filming process I will be leaving some excerpts in teaser formats in addition to episodes of my day-to-day experience as a skateboarder, escape pilot, stylist designer, film maker and independent producer.

Any last words for those reading or anything you wanna mention?

  • I would like to thank the Hive for always encouraging me!
    Living this Skateboard Brand journey is something constantly very delicate and raw. My journey has just begun! Let me be a shape on your wall!
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Thank you all for checking out this week's "Crypto Skaters" and big ups to @transtorn0 for doing this interview! Awesome times!


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