Oh, is there a game on today? Who's playing?


I was heading out to pay a few bills and to pick up some meat for dinner. I got on my wheel and went to pay the parking garage. When I got there, the owner wasn't there. They kept saying "tomorrow, tomorrow." I did not know why.


I usually pay my bill on the last day of the month or the 1st of the next month.

And then went to the butcher shop, and they were closed. That was also strange! So now I'm wondering what's happening?

I'm riding down the street, I noticed there are very few people and almost no cars, plus many of the shops and their shutters down. This is a feeling that I used to get when I first arrived here in Argentina.

I had the feeling that there was some sort of nuclear war or major world event that had killed everyone or something. Back then it was the siesta, which people sleep from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. then open back up like nothing happened. But I have not felt this way since I am moving to the city because generally shops don't close to take a nap here in Buenos Aires. Today is different, it's not a nap that is asking for their attention. It's a football game.

I don't have a television. I actually do have a "television" but there has never been an antenna or a cable plugged into it, only my computer filling that sixty inch beauty with tabs, videos, social sites like Hive and monitoring nodes and wallets. Anything that I want to watch I can get on the internet and if the internet is not in service, I have a collection of over a thousand movies on a removable hard drive.

So, Yeah. I am out of touch...

I don't have any clue that there is a futbol game happening. I did not know until I asked someone. I did not know who is playing who, but I do know it's Argentina against someone today and it's about to start. The only reason I know this is because someone stopped me as they were closing their shop and told me that they have to go get something to eat before the game starts when they won't eat at all.

It is quite normal for people to stop me because I am walking at thirty miles an hour. slower if on the side-walk.

So I high-tailed it right to the taco stand to grab me enough food for the whole day just in case. There was not a soul in sight at the restaurant, Fabrica del Taco. Then I saw someone at the television, adjusting it for the game. I quickly ordered my food and brought it home and now the ominous feeling of some sort of world disaster has gone from an empty stomach and it's time to enjoy some really good tacos.

If by some crazy off chance... Nah, they could never lose. There won't be any rioting or burning of anything, right?


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