Brooklyn Nets defense is just horrible

I called it about a week ago when I started talking about how the Nets really went to far by putting James Harden on the team and not focusing more on what was already a problem for them: Defense.

It doesn't matter how good your offense is when your defense is just terrible. Even the best offenses are going to miss shots and when you can't return the favor on your own end of the court, things are going to get bad and fast.

The Nets how now dropped 2 in a row to Cleveland, who I said before isn't even that great of a team.

We're going to see plenty of this in the future since the Nets have basically no "big men" in their roster

There are a few people out there that are trying to make excuses for the loss since Kevin Durant was not in the game due to an Achilles injury but KD is just as bad on defense as the others are. The Nets, who lead the league in points scored are also 4th from the bottom as far as points allowed are concerned and honestly, if they can't pump these numbers it is going to be a long and frustrating season for Nets fans (which I am not one of.)

To make matters worse, they just dropped 2 games in a row against a team that is 2nd from the bottom of the entire NBA as far as points scored is concerned.


When you don't have cohesive defense an explosive offensive player like Collin Sexton is going to blow it up on the boards and speaking of boards, the Nets are really really bad in this department. Against the Cavs, who again are not even a great team, the nets were outrebounded (is that a word?) 50-29 yesterday and this is just unacceptable.

When i was watching the game it seemed like the Nets and James Harden in particular are more interested in doing flash highlight reel plays than they are in playing as a team.

I find it a little irritating that James Harden has this to say in a post game interview: "Our problem isn't offensive, defensively we need to be more engaged."

Well I'm not going to argue with that my friend - defensively you really need to pull your socks up and work together. The Nets and you (Harden) have some of the best FG percentages in the league, but if you continue to have one of the worst defenses in the league, those percentages aren't going to matter at all.

I don't even know what they can do at this point: It's not like a bunch of guys who are well-known to have poor defensive skills are all of a sudden going to figure that out. I think a good place to start would probably be to work on not averaging twice as many turnovers per game as you do steals and while you are at it, try focusing on rebounds instead of always looking down the court for how you are going to score next time.

The Nets face 2 games in a row vs Miami, who is facing similar woes as they struggle for team cohesion at this point. These might be a good couple of games to watch, particularly if KD comes back for them.