Barcelona Officially Transfer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Sports9La Liga club Barcelona have finally announced their latest signing. El Blaugrana have confirmed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is officially part of their squad.

Aubameyang is widely rumored to be leaving Arsenal. The reason, the striker was frozen by Mikel Arteta for violating discipline.

Aubameyang himself was in Barcelona on the day of the deadline. He tried to finish his move at the last second.

Arsenal confirmed some time ago that the transfer was a success. The player also confirmed that he would join Barcelona.

But moments ago, Barca announced the move of Aubameyang.

Through their official website, Barcelona confirmed the arrival of Aubameyang. The attacker was recruited as a free agent.

Yes, you read that right. Aubameyang joined Barcelona as a free agent.

The reason, Aubameyang still has one and a half years remaining on his contract with Arsenal. So he can be part of Barcelona.

Aubameyang will defend Barcelona until 2025. However, he could choose to leave Camp Nou in 2023.

In addition, Barcelona have set a fairly high release clause for the striker. They proposed terms worth 100 million euros.
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Surprised but still not surprised. Barcelona are trying to revive their season so they need all hands on deck. With Ferran Torress and Aubameyang and Delay and the likes, they should mount up the table soon.