Leaving MU for the Spanish League, the French National Team Bomber Makes Juventus Grieve Upset

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Anthony Martial has been a hot item since last weekend. The future of the French striker is quite dark at Manchester United (MU). As a result, various clubs are ready to accommodate the 26-year-old player
One of the surprising rumors from Anthony Martial is the certainty of him joining the Spanish League club, Sevilla. At the moment, Sevilla is in dire need of experienced, high-level players
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Sport.es claims, Anthony Martial has agreed to join Sevilla, and take off the MU jersey. The contract period at the Andalusian club is listed until the end of the season because he is a loan player.

Inevitably, Anthony Martial's decision to accept Sevilla's proposal made Juventus wince in disappointment. Understandably, the Italian League giants are also interested and hope the player can join.

Juventus insisted on signing Anthony Martial after the mainstay player, Federico Chiesa, had to step aside. There was no child from Enrico Chiesa, making Juventus' attacks not optimal from the wings. Martial is also considered to have a character that fits the Bianconeri midfielder, Manuel Locatelli.

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