2C Competition to run this year's Hyundai WRC2 program


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French rally team 2C Competition already worked closely with Hyundai Motorsport until the end of season 2021 when they finished their mutual program.

Yeah, they bought two Hyundai i20 WRC cars and rented them to the privateers. One of them was Pierre-Louise Loubet but his season with them was terrible. He just found a relief after he signed for M-Sport Ford in 2022.

Red-Grey team from Estonia started to run their WRC2 program because Ott Tanak, as their top driver that team is his ownership.

After Tanak departed from Hyundai, they decided to give that job of running their WRC2 program back to 2C Competition as a big thanks for the previous operations.

Teemu Suninen will again be their top dog with the youngster Fabrizio Zaldivar in the 2nd car. Their first outing will be WRC Rally Sweden next month.

Let the best win - as always...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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