Andersson to co-drive for Greensmith at WRC Rally Monza 2021


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It is only a one week before the last event of the World Rally Championship and I am very excited because there will be another deciding weened where we will find out who will be a World Rally Champion for 2021. I must admit that it's more thrill to have the champ decided on the last rally then when you know it one or more events before the end of the season. It is just more interesting to follow the rally that way.

This season was another weird season for M-Sport Ford, the team which finance their budget by selling of their works seats which shouldn't be the practice in the professional sport. But that's the way they operate for years.

They did good job when they signed Seb Ogier for 2017 and 2018 who brought them two drivers WRC titles and one manufacturer's. That's how important is to have a top leading driver in the team.

This year their leading driver is a paying driver Gus Greenmith who, I must say, progressed a lot during the season and thanks to very experienced co-driver Chris Patterson who helped him a lot to improve his confidence.

Patterson decided to retire at the end of this season but they decided to try the new co-driver for the last rally at Monza, just to be better prepared for the first rally of 2022 in Monte Carlo. I think that this is a clever idea because they still have Patterson around who could help a new co-driver when being in car on the first rally in the team.

I didn't know that Jonas Andersson reads an English notes as well but if we talk about his experience, he has it a lot. He also worked with M-Sport when he was a co.driver for Mads Ostberg as a co-driver.

Momza will be an interesting event for the crew but Greensmith must continue without Patterson, that's sure now. Andersson will have to work 100% to give Greensmith needed speed and confidence.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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