Evans tested new hybrid Toyota Yaris Rally1 car on gravel


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Toyota is doing as much as they in the development of their new Toyota Yaris Rally1 which is also powered with hybrid system which gives the power to the car of around 500bhp.

It is normal that they test on gravel more then on the tarmac because there is more gravel rallies then the tarmac events. I think they need a top driver for the next season more then anything.

OK, they have Elfyn Evans and Kalle Rovanpera as the team leaders but they won't have Seb Ogier on every rally next season and when you don't have that kind of an authority around, it is more tough, that's for sure.

Ogier will be at Monte Carlo Rallye in January plus some other events during the season but it all depends of his achievements at circuit racing and Le Mans which will be the center of his interest next season.

Elfyn Evans became a top driver in the past few seasons and joining Toyota gave him an additional confidence because now his is aid for his drive, in comparison to the M-Sport Ford days when he was lucky to have a seat at all.

During the test before Croatia Rally in April, his father Gwyndaf told my colleague driver Luka L that Elfyn doesn't have some public life, he just watch onboard rally videos or driving a bike, nothing else. It seems that he wants to be successful as much as he can, which is normal for the top professional.

We have a video from his gravel test with Toyota's new hybrid car called Yaris Rally1. Enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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