Evans tested with Toyota ahead of WRC Catalunya Rally 2021


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It seems that Elfyn Evans is fired up for WRC Rally Catalunya because he was full flat out on the recent test ahead of this rally. Those roads are like a small highways and guys with circuit racing experience will benefit very much.

But Elfyn knows all about this because he is now very experienced driver who already fought for the championship during the last season when he lost all chances on the last rally in Monza after he went off the road.

This time he doesn't have the right to make a mistake because he is still 24 points behind Seb Ogier and there are two rallies until the end of the season. OK, he won in Finland but those road conditions were like at his home in Wales, very muddy and dirty so it's nothing new that he was super quick there.

Evans must finish in Catalunya at least on the podium and ahead of Seb Ogier but that won't be an easy job because Ogier is super fast on tarmac and this season is the last one for him and his long term co-driver Julien Ingrassia so they would want to finish the season in style - with 8th WRC title in their pocket.

Evans knows his job. He has to win everything what is left this season and to wait for Ogier's mistake and that guy doesn't make mistakes that often.

Frankly, me - who follows everything about rallying 24/7 can't remember his last driving mistake. That's why he is a seven time World Rally Champion.

But it is Evans's right to believe and to fight until the finish line of the last special stage of this season.

Let the best win - as always...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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