FIA revealed WRC Croatia Rally 2023


Hi, friends!

FIA revealed today an entry list for the next round of the World Rally Championship called Croatia Rally. Yeah, our names are on it and I can only say that I am proud and VERY GRATEFUL for this opportunity which came from #hive, of course.

We are in the smallest RC5 class which is an entering category in the world of international rallying because all the cars have to be homologated for any way of international competition.

Yeah, our Renault Clio Rally5 has that needed homologation and we are happy because of this opportunity. There are some expectations, that's for sure. I must say that our car is a front-wheel drive machinery with only 180bhp which is not much when you compare the opposition.

WRC1 cars have 500+bhp, WRC2 cars are around 300bhp, WRC3 are 250bhp, EC4 are about 220bhp and the smallest RC5, which is our Clio is 180bhp.

It will be hard to fight the opposition but we will give our best and we have only one goal for this rally - to finish the race and collect as much knowledge about the car and special stages from WRC as possible.

The rest of an entry list is quite normal for the World Rally Championship - Seb Ogier is leader of the championship table at the moment so he is at the top of it. The rest you can find on the following link...


Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!