First video of Ford Puma Rally1 WRC


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Things are moving quickly in the technology and something that was only a though, now is a developed car presented today at Goodwill Festival of Speed.

Every WRC manufacturer had to homologate the engines by July 1st and that's it. They will just have to add the hybrid system and the power units will ready for use for Monte Carlo Rallye in January.

Some things are surprising how quickly it can go but I guess that the best was is not to be nostalgic and kinda connected to the things from past. I know that lots of people will say that they miss the petrol engines without the hybrid power but World moves on and you can't do nothing about that. That's pretty normal. Hybrid technology is all around us and I guess that in 20 years it will be only electric stuff in vehicles.

We must think green if we want to save our world in the long term thinking.

I already posted in one of my previous posts the photos of newly developed Ford Puma Rally1 WRC car by M-Sport Ford team and it looks nice. I can't say that it looks much different from the Fiesta WRC but that's because of the colors and stickers on the car.

Matthew Wilson, son of M-Sport owner Malcolm, is a chief test driver so he knows the best about all the work but he says that they are at the start of the development process with engine already homologated so they don't have much to work on it.

Now they don't have electronic center differential and only a five gear gearbox without a paddle shifter, just a stick sequential gearbox.

Nice months should be in front of us because there will be more and more of the newly developed WRC cars.

Enjoy in this short video made by guys from DirtFish.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC, DirtFish and Youtube

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