Greensmith to look for new co-driver after WRC Catalunya Rally 2021


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New trend of changing co-drivers through out the season of World Rally Championship continues and now we again have Gus Greensmith who has to look for a new co-driver after Chris Patterson announced that he will go back into his retirement.

It's not an easy job to be a co-driver on the top of the sport and it seems that young guys can handle big amount of stress much better then the older but more experienced co-drivers.

Don't forget that experience is vital in the sport of rallying and to have a good co-driver is so much important if you have to progress in a good way.

There is a gossip that Stuart Loudon will come back into the right seat for Greesnmith after he already replaced Patterson during the season because of his obligations at home. Pair didn't have too much success on that single rally but it was because of the technical issues, not crashing.

Greensmith progressed big this season with the help of Patterson and now he needs another co-driver of the same profile. He even managed to finish Safari Rally in Kenya 4th overall and that's something big.

It is kinda funny watching how drivers change their navigators through out the season. I can't see some obligation and trust between the members of the crew and how you can be relaxed if you know that you can be fired after the rally. Not good.

It is good that Patterson will leave one rally earlier, after the WRC Catalunya Rally because that way Greensmith will have time to try another co-driver at Monza Rally and this could be a good preparation ahead of World Rally Championship season 2022.

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