Huttunen to drive Ford Puma Rally1 at WRC Rally Finland 2022


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Super fast WRC2 driver from Finland Jari Huttunen is currently M-Sport Ford works driver and his Ford Fiesta Rally2 was parked and serviced inside of their works part at this year's Croatia Rally. I was there and saw it with my eyes. I knew that moment that their collaboration is really serious.

It's obvious that he is in charge of development of their Rally2 car because M-Sport was the best selling team in the first part of 2010's when R5 category was invented by the FIA.

But in the last six or seven years they became an average because they just couldn't deliver the Škoda or Volkswagen tie at the top of the rallying world.

They decided to turn the tide because they want more of the selling of their Rally2 cars because that car is available for any privateer at the price of around +200.000e. That's why they have their official Rally2 car inside of their service box alongside their Rally1 cars.

Huttunen won WRC3 championship and that's the same as WRC2 today but in that days it was the class of privateers with Rally2/R5 cars. He did it with some rally team from Poland and the car was Hyundai i20 R5.

He decided to change the team after Hyundai signed Oliver Solberg and decided no to give the real chance to Jari Huttunen. He signed for M-Sport Ford and he is still their driver.

It seems that he finally got his chance because he should be in their official car but with his sponsors at this summer's WRC Rally Finland. It will be interesting what can do this very cool and fast Finn...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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