Loeb tested again hybrid Rally1 with M-Sport Ford


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Now it's almost 100% sure that Seb Loeb will be behind the steering wheel of Ford Puma Rally1 because this was the 2nd test for him with their newly and still under development rally car.

Loeb will drive at Dakar Rally and only after a few days he will have to start the recce for Monte Carlo Rallye 2022. And because M-Sport Ford is testing tn the area of Gap, France where there are some special stages of Monte, then there is no doubt that he will drive the car at Monte.

It is interesting that all these drivers who went into the retirement want to try the hybrid evolution of the modern rallying. Yeah, from 2022 we won't have something called World Rally Cars. Next year top category will be called Rally1 class.

It's good that some new things are happening and I am for the hybrid era because I love Planet Earth, no doubt about that. I don't care what Green or some political party say, my healthy mind says me that it's good to reduce the pollution from the cars so I say YES for hybrid generation of rally cars.

I am completely sure that in 15 years rallying will be with electric cars. Hard to imagine but healthy for our Planet Earth.

Anyway, Seb Loeb tested again Ford Puma Rally1 and the test was in the region of Gap, France, place of one whole day of Monte Carlo Rallye 2022.

We will obviously see Loeb in WRC action again...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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