Loeb tested new hybrid Ford Puma Rally1 2022 car


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If you follow my posts, you could notice that I almost never write about Seb Loeb, who won the World Rally Championship for nine times. It's just something inside of me, nothing more.

It seems that guys from M-Sport Ford mean seriously this time because after they signed with Craig Breen. not they decided to try with nine time champion Seb Loeb. I think that this is the best decision they could take because they need someone with experience to develop that car.

We all know how that went when Kris Meeke was developing Citroen C3 WRC, very bad. Car was just badly developed. When Loeb was developing Citroen cars, and I am talking avout Xsara WRC, C4 WRC and DS3 WRC, there was not problems, they were winning everything.

That's what M-Sport Ford needs right now, someone with results and experience. And he could do BIG for them, just like Seb Ogier did in his two seasons with the team.

The other good thing is that they started the testing on time and they don't have to be cheap during this process because they didn't test enough during this and the last season because of lack of the budget.

So if they decided to sign good drivers, they should now invest in the testing process to be sure that car is good enough.

Something is telling me that they could easily be very successful if they will sign Loeb for the new season. They just need this kind of a driver if they want more then they achieved this season. Good driver makes difference.

We have a video from today's testing session with the team. Enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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