Loubet changed Hyundai for M-Sport Ford for 2022


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Young French privateer Pierre-Louis Loubet had really terrible season in the World Rally Championship but he collected so much experience and knowledge about the top class WRC cars last season. He scored only one point and he and his backers invested so much money to rent the Hyundai i20 WRC from 2C Competition from France.

Year 2021 got even worse after he got hit by the car when he was walking as a pedestrian in front of his home in Paris. That was even worse because the healing process was even longer then anything else.

It's not that cheap to rent the WRC car these days but the top class is called Rally1 today anyway. He and his team decided to go on with another seven rallies this season but with another team - M.Sport Ford which proved to have the right weapon in the right hands because Seb Loeb managed to win at Monte Carlo Rallye last month with their car.

M-Sport Ford is the only team which rents Rally1 class to the privateers and it was not needed too much time for Louber and his backers to decide where to look for the car this year.

His program starts at WRC Croatia Rally and it seems that he prefers tarmac rallies because he will come back to the rally where his downfall started with the mistake which destroyed his confidence.

After Croatian tarmac he will go for another six rounds, every single in the Europe: Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Acropolis, Spain and one event which should be confirmed in the following weeks or months.

I am sure that Pierre-Louis hopes for the better season because they are investing big money into his rallying career and if there won't be some better results this year, he could be nowhere.

Let the best win - as always...

test from last year

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