Mikkelsen tested with Škoda ahead of WRC Rally Monza 2021


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Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen already won WRC2 class crown for this season but he decided to contest WRC Rally Monza 2021 as a 7th event of his WRC2 program for this season.

He will go there with no pressure just to show the manufacturers how much good he is. He lost any chance for grabbing Rally1 seat for the nest season after M-Sport Ford signed Craig Breen on a two year deal. That means that Mikkelsen can only drive in a WRC2 class for the top results and then wait, as first in line, for the next opportunity.

He tested recently on east of Italy to prepare as better as he can for Monza Rally and the conditions were really demanding, as we can see from the video. I think that it's good for him to test in wet surface because last season there was also snowing in the mountains so you never know what to expect in November at some mountain col.

He tried with Pirelli Centurato tires which are the rubber for wet tarmac. I heard that guys from factory team Škoda tests with Michelin rubber because it lasts much longer.

Yeah, you can destroy Pirelli rubber very quickly and that's why I think maybe on buying Michelins for the next season.

WRC Rally Monza will have two days in mountains this season and one day on the famous F1 track and small roads around the track. Last season there were two days on the track area and one day in the mountains.

If the coronavirus pandemic will be finished, there won't be Monza Rally in the World Rally Championship calendar for 2022 but you never know what time brings.

Anyway, Andreas Mikkelsen must show how good he is on this rally just to be first in line for the potential Rally1 seat in the future because young lions are already standing in line and he is already 32.

Let the best win - as always...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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